Custom Features

The "True Custom" Home Difference

Each step of the Building Process involves the BUILDER.  The BUILDER, with his name on the company, cares most about the QUALITY of  your Home.  Only his Customer’s ultimate satisfaction guarantees his livelihood.

The ONE area a Builder has an opportunity to save the MOST money is the selection of your Home site.  His experienced, knowledgeable sales team can help you locate the right lot (and even help you market your existing home.

The BUILDER IS INVOLVED from the very first step of choosing the right Homesite and in every subsequent step in the process.  Jeff Chafin works closely with each Customer to make sure their new home meets their lifestyle and needs.

The Builder

  • Designs homes to take BEST advantage of the features of each Homesites along with listening and designing to YOUR Specifcations.
  • Completes Preliminary Design and Price Analysis.
  • Supervises the Construction of your New Home and monitors its progress and budget.
  • Meets with you on a regular basis while your Home is being Built.
  • Completes a Final Move-in Orientation and Schedules Customer Service.

Compare our "Custom"

  • Jeff Chafin has been trained, tested and licensed to Build Homes.
  • A Structural Engineer designs, inspects and Certifies each foundation. Rebar (NO CABLES!) are only used.
  • A Structural Engineer designs, inspects and Certifies the framing on each home. He inspects nailing, bracing, spans, lumber quality and the overall structural integrity of Your Home.
  • Building Technology experts recommend, test and certify to the most rigid energy standards. Insulation, ductwork, windows and doors, and attic walls all must meet or exceed their standards.
  • Each home includes a written Builder’s Warranty, a Bonded Builder’s Extended Warranty, and all of the manufacturer’s Warranties are assigned to the Owner
  • The Builder maintains Builder’s Risk and General Liability Insurance.
  • Most importantly, the Builder maintains a long-standing relationship with his Subcontractors and Suppliers with whom he has TRUST in completing their trade with a high level of SKILL and INTEGRITY.
  • Your home will be built to stringent estimating & pricing standards, insuring you get the Best Value "Per Square Foot" in the Area on an item for item basis.
  • Your Home will be planned, constructed, and serviced directly by Jeff Chafin, the Builder In addition to over 35 yrs of "hands-on" Home Building experience, The Builder has passed licensing exams and been Certified in numerous jurisdictions and supervised projects including residences priced from $60,000 to over $1,000,000. Among those projects are Historic preservations, new and pioneer log cabins, steel framing, remote lodges, and coastal homes with some of the most strict codes in existence.
  • From the ground up your home will be Designed & Inspected by Certified Professionals. The foundation & framing  are designed and inspected by an Independent Structural Engineer. The Energy Saving features in your home are recommended, inspected & certified by Energy Professionals.
  • The Builder is Certified and Insured by the exclusive Bonded Builder Warranty.  Also General  General Liability and Builders Risk Insurance are maintained by Builder.
  • The Craftsmen  including carpenters, masons, tile artisans & painters, have worked with the Builder for years & proven their skills, earning his Trust in Home after Home, specializing in Custom Homes.
  • $ are spent to give you the most Impact  & to include features in Finer homes
    Wood ceilings, Rock showers & Cabinet vent hoods to name several special features.
  • FLEXIBLE-  We are willing  & able to adjust to your needs. Since we are a  "Custom"  Builder,  Each home is priced individually on its on merits.

A  Custom Home by Jeff Chafin Homes LLC          
Every home built by Jeff Chafin is special with careful attention to detail and quality of materials and subcontractors.  As you review the many special features of our Custom Homes, compare it to other homes of comparable price.  You will find many extra features to enhance the style, comfort, ease of maintenance, and most importantly the lasting value of this fine home.  With experience in Custom Residential Homebuilding in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country dating back to the early 1970’s, the Builder has learned lasting lessons of Building in these areas which he employs in every Home.

Rigid Construction Standards…
Builder has been accepted into exclusive Extended Bonded Builder Warranty Program. Designed & Inspected construction by independent licensed Engineers including steel foundation, wood framing (including wind bracing and roof beams). Also 5/8” ceiling drywall, exterior walls are bolted to the foundation with bug restrictive sill seal, in slab water supply (not in attic) with copper cut-offs. Masonry lintels bolted to frame and flashed. Most importantly, home is built by tested, licensed, experienced Builder, not a building Superintendent.

Money Saving Energy, Security and Safety Features not in Many homes…
Designed, built & inspected to the latest energy standards. ( by Positive Energy)  15 Seer HVAC with programmable thermostat, vinyl double glazed  security locking windows in the color of your choice with window wrap flashing, Highly regarded  Zip system sheathing (all joints taped) with poly-seal and all plates, doors, windows and exterior escutcheons ,  Reflective barrier 7/16” roof decking,  Sealed hot walls to protect insulation (R-13 walls and R-30 on standard ceilings, Double glazed sealing, insulated metal doors with wide weather strip and security deadbolts.   Dimensional roof with ridge vents and continuous perforated soffit vents, Double switched ceiling fans and lights, 2-50 gallon high efficiency water heater critically located on the ground floor,  Prewire TV, telephone(high speed wire) and security,  curtain blocking, early warning interconnected smoke detectors with battery back-up, security food lights at corners.  Weather proof GFI front and rear, sound insulated bath walls, easy touch Decora switches, convenient hose bibbs.

‍‍Compare Our Custom!
Plans May vary. Customer is responsible for verifying all features, specifications & pricing